About Us

wHo we are

Loving the best things in our lives

Hi, we are Astrid and Siena (mom and daughter), living in a nice town in The Netherlands, together with our family and sweet dog Jikke.
We love being creative and find inspiration for our designs in nature, animals, music, traveling and daily news.
We want to bring a positive message with the designs on our products, sometimes with a humoristic twist.

We don’t like violence, war and weapons.

How do we work?

When you buy the product of your choice, it’s being printed and shipped.

It takes a little time to get it to your door.

Our apparel is made of the best quality fabrics.

No mass production, we only print what you order.

What do you find here?

T-shirts, hoodies, leggings, swimwear, beach towels and bags. Our wearables are:

Soft and light-weight fabric
Very comfortable wearing
Printed with wash-proof colors and  …
we use an excellent printing technique